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Peter Braun

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01/25/18 06:06 PM #1    

Connie Rose

I don't have enough words to say how sad I am to have heard of Peter's passing.  He was a very good friend to me and we had many memorable times both at RHS and at the many 'grassers'  and parties we attended.  He was a guy who knew how to dance!  What a blast knowing Peter Braun.  I hung out with so many of his friends, who could ever forget riding around in a pink Ford convertible (owned by Bob Scott) along with Carl Barker and the rest of the gang.  A really fun group of guys!  Very many fond memories......

03/20/18 04:41 PM #2    

Janis Wiley (Rice)

I agree with Connie, Peter was one of a kind.  When you were his friend he was so kind, gentle and funny. and had GREAT grassers (that ended up in the Rochester Clarion)  After a long talk with Chris Wade who was a very close friend for several years after graduation.

Peter was living with a friend,, sitting on the couch, stood up, grabbed his chest ,passed away from a heart attack.  Peter and his girl friend both worked for the government .

03/21/18 10:37 PM #3    

James/Chris Wade

Peter and I grew up together (since age 10) and remained good friends for many years after graduating from RHS. Too many memories together to list here. He was best man at my wedding in 1977 and we kept in touch for many years after that. Pete had a great sense of humor and loved talking about the "good old days". His favorite song was "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me" by Mel Carter and he kept the hair style he wore in HS right up to the day that he died. Peter lived with his significant other Peggy O'Brian in Huntingtown, MD. He is survived by his son Daniel Braun and his grandson Oliver Braun. He passed suddenly on April 28, 2005. I miss you Pete.

07/24/18 07:12 AM #4    

Penny Hames (Briscoe)

Peter was at my fourth grade birthday party.  He was the clown at the table.  I remember how much he enjoyed my baby brother that day.  Why I remember this, I don’t know, but when my baby brother threw his piece of cake on the floor, Peter got up from the table and put it back on his tray for him.  Peter and I weren’t really friends in high school, but I always felt a soft spot for him because he was so entertaining.  I was so sorry to read he passed away at a too young age.  God bless Peter.

07/27/18 12:09 PM #5    

Scott Bechen

So sorry to hear of the passing  of a really great guy. We had some wonderful time in class and later partiyng. I always tell the story of gym class where Peter was always getting in trouble. He had the biggest feet in class so it was always his shoes that Mr. Jarvis used to "spank" us with. Seems Peter got it the most. You will be missed by all, Only the good die young. Love ya Brother.


09/03/18 05:55 PM #6    

Gary Campbell



  Pete had a laugh that would crack up the whole class. Sometimes we had to smack him cause he was smarten off in class or didn’t  do his homework. Why didn’t you do your homework Pete . Cause I was drinken

All night, followed by a hillarous laugh that would cause everyone to crack up. He was a one of a kind character.


To a guy who smarts off a lot with a great great sense of humor. Rest in pease brother.

Gary Campbell 

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