RHS Latest Survey 1-28-18 (With Answers)

Here is our latest survey questions written by our classmates,  Thank you to - Steve Temple. Paul Dennison. Ilene McKay and Pam Campbell.  Keep those questions coming in.

Scroll down to see last weeks "mock" election answers..


RHS latest survey - 1-28-18

1) Who was "Most Likely To Succeed?" for the guys!

Bill Laatz
    16.7% (1)
Chris Gullen
    33.3% (2)
Steve Hopkins
    33.3% (2)
Steve Temple
    16.7% (1)

Total Responses: 6  Answer - Chris Gullen

2) Who was "The Most Likely to Succeed?" for the girls

Trich Littlejohn
    42.9% (3)
Sue Smart
Sunny Kjolhede
Debbie Moody
    57.1% (4)

Answer - (Suprise)  Sunny Kjolhede


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1)   What would you have done different after graduation in 1968?

2)   Will there be cocktails at our reunion?

3)   What do you do for fun now?

4)   Who still lives in Rochester? Has anyone moved back?